What do you believe?

One of the big debates within the Church of Scotland today surrounds the Westminster Confession of Faith. It was a document drawn up by a number of clergy and theologians at Westminster in the aftermath of the Reformation. So on this week where we celebrate Reformation Day I thought it would be interesting to consider this debate. The reformation was not a pleasant time in history. A number of people died for their faith, both among the continuing Roman Catholics and among the Reformers. Thus, because the Confession is very much a doctrine of its time, there are some things in the confession that we no longer hold to. Thus when ministers are ordained or inducted and they have to sign a statement concerning their adherence to the subordinate standard of faith, which is the confession, they are allowed freedom of opinion on those things which do not make up the substance of the faith. As a result of this we find ourselves in a very broad church because of varying interpretations of what people consider the substance of our faith.
What do you consider the substance of your faith? Have you ever considered where you draw the line in the sand? I think it is very important that we each consider what the substance of the faith is or else you find yourselves being abused as Paul pointed out to the Ephesians when he warned them about false teachers who will cleverly lie to us and make the lies sound like the truth.

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