Grace and Peace

Psalm 90 prays to God, “teach us to live well! Teach us to live wisely and well!” I wonder how many of us do live wisely and how many of us just have toil, trouble and a marker in the graveyard to show for our life on this earth? When Paul begins his letters to the churches he often begins with a greeting. Grace and peace. Peterson in his commentary on Galatians writes that his greeting anticipates what we can expect. “Grace! Life is a gift. Peace! Life is whole. The truth being spoken is that through Jesus Christ we are finally free to live. Life is what we are given, not what we salvage out of the ruins of home and culture. life is an entirety into which we grow, not a fragment that we snatch on the run.”
So my prayer for you today is to live wisely and well remembering that your life is a gift, a freedom to live in wholeness through Christ. Do not be bound by the world’s expectations but, to use Isaiah’s picture, fly free, on eagles wings living a life bringing glory to God.

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