What is your word?

It used to be said that a person’s word was their bond. in other words if you made a promise you kept it and it was a matter of personal integrity for you to keep your word. There was no need for written contracts or notarised documents because if it became known that a person did not keep their word they quickly became known as being untrustworthy and no-one would do business with them.
Sadly those days are long gone. In the course of any given week I meet many people and often after a fun conversation they will say that they are going to come and visit Kinnoull Parish Church. In 90% of those cases I am still waiting. What people say and what they actually follow through on are often so very different.
I wonder if that is why the church today struggles at times. Jesus made so many promises, promises to us, about us and about the future and for the modern person, they read it and they automatically distrust the promise because of so many disappointments in their own lives. Jesus did not come down wrapped in a legal document signed by God, he was wrapped in swaddling bands. Yet, I believe that that the event at the end of his earthly life does give us that legal document, because in rising from the dead Jesus kept his promise to his disciples and thus proved that he does keep his word. His word is true, his word is his bond and he has proved that over and over again to those who trust him. So even if your word is not your bond. Even if you have been let down in the past you can place your faith and your trust in Jesus Christ without fear of disappointment so come along to Kinnoull this Sunday and hear another of Jesus’ promises as we continue to work our way through the parables portrayed in Millais’ famous window.

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