Some years ago someone had the idea that instead of throwing confetti at a wedding you could make little things that looked like rose buds but then if you flicked them, the petals would unfold releasing the contents of the bud, which was usually birdseed. It made a change from confetti, was disposed of naturally as the birds ate the seed and it all seemed like a good idea. That was until one certain bride and groom got into their car to leave the reception and the door was held open while a number of the men flicked these things into the car. The seed went everywhere and no birds ever got in the car so that when the car was sold some years later they were still picking seeds out of crevasses! I feel that like the seeds we are going to be picking up the pieces of the political decisions of the last year or so for years to come. There is going to be immense change and the uncertainty it brings has everyone on edge.
Even in the church there is uncertainty as we try to understand how to be the church in a secular age, an age none of us has experienced and none of us were trained as to how to be a minister in these circumstances. It causes immense tension in the church as older members are crying out for the old familiar hymns, something to cling on to for comfort, while younger members are looking for something fresh and new.
In this world of uncertainty I want to simply remind you of this verse from Hebrews. Hebrews 13:8 says this: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Our God does not change. Our God’s love for you does not change. Our God’s desire to have a meaningful and close relationship with you does not change. Even if the mountains crumble into the sea our God does not change, he reigns and he lives. There are still some things that are certain and sure. Comfort one another with these thoughts.

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