St. Andrew

According to John’s Gospel, Andrew was a follower of John the Baptists to begin with. John’s mission in life was to prepare people for Jesus and to point them to him. Andrew was one of the first to really get the point. There were obviously some of John’s disciples who did not see this as we hear of some of them later on coming to question Jesus about whether or not he was the messiah, but Andrew got it straight away together with a nameless disciple. Not only did he get it but he went straight away to his brother Simon and told him about this amazing preacher he had met.

So I ask you the question, have you got it yet? Have you recognised that Jesus is the messiah? Sadly, many have not. They might be interested in his teaching, they might admire him as a man but they have not recognised him as Messiah, Son of God, Saviour of the world. To accept him as saviour and Lord, makes a difference, a big difference, it makes all the difference in the world. One of the things that happens when you do accept him is that you feel his joy and his peace, something which dramatically changes your life.

I remember a story about four ministers who were working in a town. Things were not going well ad so one day when they met up for coffee one said to the others, I think we should spend a bit of time in prayer and confess our sins to God. The others agreed and they bowed their heads. One confessed, I am a dreadful one for the gambling, if there were two rain drops going down the window I would bet on which would reach the bottom first. Confession is good for the soul, I’m glad I’ve told you. The second confesses as well saying that he was an awful one for the women. Couldn’t keep his eyes off the, he was glad he had confessed and he felt much better. The third then started telling of his struggles with drink. He could never have any alcohol in the house or he would drain the bottle, he was glad he had confessed. At that point the fourth gets up to leave. They all look at him and say, hey, wait a wee minute, we have all confessed our sins, are you not going to confess as well. Aye well you see, he said, I’m an awful one for the gossip and I’m dying to get out of here!
If you have good news to share, you are always going to want to be out of there so you can tell others. When I became an uncle, got engaged, became a father I could not wait to tell people the good news we should be just excited about the good news of Jesus once we have recognised him for who he is and put our faith in him. Andrew could not wait to tell his big brother so that Simon could enjoy getting to know Jesus as well. Who have you told that you have found the Messiah?

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