Remodelling lessons

As I said last week, there is a big remodelling project happening at Kinnoull Parish Church. I have popped in a couple of times to see how it is progressing and I will do again before I officiate at a wedding in the church grounds this afternoon. When I went by on Thursday the new wall was up at the edge of the balcony, you could see where the new doors into the hall would be and even the hatch was marked out. However on Friday there was a big development which I saw on Sunday. They had put in some big steel beams and bracing to support the balcony temporarily when the old wall gets taken down.
Sometimes we could all use a little additional support. You might have lost a dear friend, relative or spouse and need some support while you cope with the new reality you are facing. You might need some additional support because of a change of work or home. It might be that you have become empty nest parents and are finding the transition tough.
This is a time when small groups in a church really come into their own. When you have built up a close relationship with a small group who meet together regularly for prayer, study and fellowship you have a steel support structure which will bear all the weight you can place upon it. You have folk to turn to, to talk to, to pray with and in today’s mobile society when we are not all surrounded by all our friends and relatives this type of support network is more vital than ever before. I would even go as far as to suggest that the willingness of a church to set up a small group ministry is a good indicator of how serious it really is about reaching out into the community.
So let us get our support network into place, for you never know when an old form of support will crumble away and you are left trying to shoulder all the weight of society’s expectations.

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