A Good Day Off

Yesterday I had a good day off. it was a busy day, at times even a little hectic. it was not without stress, but it was good. In the morning I was able to pursue one of my hobbies and work on a small demonstration model railway layout. About 90 percent of the layout is now operational and it was incredibly satisfying to see my little locomotive trundling along very smoothly and slowly at shunting speed.
The afternoon was very different. It was a chance to pursue another interest, of a more practical nature. It was an afternoon for cooking. I really enjoy cooking, either following a recipe or making things up as I go along. I am quite happy to stand at the counter chopping, grinding and mixing, getting everything ready and then moving to the stove. By the time I get to the stove everything is measured out and ready so that with minimum distraction I can focus on the actual cooking process. Then of course you get to that final stage. Out comes a teaspoon from the drawer and I taste it. Did I get the seasoning right? Did I toast the spices just right for maximum flavour? I taste and see if the food is good.
Many centuries ago the psalmist wrote, taste and see that the Lord is good. This is a wonderful invitation. It is full of warmth and love. The psalmist is saying, just try this, take a little sip, have a little bite, experience what God’s love is like because I know you will like it. Just as I said to my son, you need to try this curry, it is one of my best attempts at it yet, I know you will like it, so we are invited to try God. Take that first step of following God and you will discover that he is good and kind. As you continue to trust him and taste his goodness you will find that the things that satisfied you in the past no longer taste so good and you will discover a palate for the more wonderful aspects of life.

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