Further Covid Restrictions

I have two announcements for this morning. Firstly, the Christmas Eve service will go ahead as planned, at the earlier than usual time of 7pm. It will not follow the format of previous years as I do not think even the most die hard of you could sit through listening to 9 or 10 carols without being able to sing. I know it would drive me crazy! Therefore, it will follow our established pattern for worship that we have been following during this crisis.
The big change however is after Christmas. In the light of the First Minister’s comments and the realities of tier four for churches it is with regret that we will go back to online worship together with the phone service after Christmas Eve. Should this period last for 3 weeks as proposed, the next service where a congregation will be allowed to participate in person will be January 17th. However as with all these things they are subject to change depending on the decisions and advice of the scientific community and Government.