Better late than never

Well, so much for trying to keep posting on the blog on a regular day. I started trying to do it on a Tuesday, then occasionally it creeps to a Wednesday and here we are on Thursday and I am finally getting around to writing for this. I remember my father, many years ago, brought home a circle of paper. when I asked him what it was he showed me the back and said that it was the most useful thing he has been given in years. On the back were simply the letters TUIT. I was puzzled but he then went on to say how often things do not get done, or like this blog, get done late for the simple fact that the person never got a round to it. He now had a round tuit and so there was no excuse for ever not getting things done!
I met a man a few years ago that should have had that little circle of paper with the word TUIT on it. He had been coming to the church for years but had never actually made a public confession of faith or joined the church. As he lay on his bed terminally ill he explained to me that it had just never seemed the right time and he was also very shy and so had always put it off. I asked him if he wanted to make a profession of faith then. He did and so I asked if I could call one of the elders to come over. We were joined about ten minutes later by the elder and I asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ as his saviour and Lord. He confessed his faith and the most wonderful smile crept across his old weather-beaten face. He died just days later but he died safely in the arms of his Lord. It was better late than never but how much better it would have been if it had been sooner rather than later.
When you read the events of Holy Week and particularly he events surrounding Jesus arrest, trial and crucifixion the two big questions are, “Who is he? and “Who are you?” We each need to ask that question of who Jesus is for us. Is he simply a good role model, is it simply enough to go through life asking what would Jesus do? Is he a good teacher with important lessons on how to live a good life? Or is he the Son of God, Messiah and Saviour of the world? As you follow the events of Holy Week next week, ask yourself the questions and if you come to the conclusion that he is your saviour and Lord, do not delay, do not wait to get given a round TUIT but confess your faith, join your local church and discover the life of joy and peace that God created you to enjoy.

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