7 word statement describing the church’s mission going forward

When the Moderator of the General Assembly asked ministers for seven words to describe the Church’s mission going forward after lockdown he got a long list of replies. I have copied and pasted them below. What do you think? Are there any that particularly stand out to you in your context? If you are a Kinnoull Church member, are there any you would like to see us adopt?

7 Words For Mission

Overcoming all divisions: uniting everything in God
Revival of Church to rewire the culture
Replicate God’s DNA within our human society
Giving People Confidence To Be Fully Themselves
Encouraging Us To Rest – Rely On Him
Renewing Our Passion For Joy In Jesus
Conviction Of Hearts For Jesus The Redeemer
Passing On Knowledge And Love Of Jesus
Fling Wide The Gates, Let Jesus In
Worship, Love, Sacrifice, Inspire, Share For Jesus
Bringing Jesus’ Life Into Scotland’s Everyday
Using Jesus’ Example To Inspire Social Justice
Following Jesus’ Example To Build Healthier Neighbourhoods
Build Love And Compassion Into Our Neighbourhoods
Carry The Message From Jesus The Redeemer
To Embolden Us Wherever God Puts Us
Church Of Scotland Has Left The Building
God’s Energy That Humanity Can Grow Love
Revealing Jesus To People Of All Ages
No More Fear, Pain, Hunger And Loneliness
Show And Share God’s Love In Jesus
Being God’s Gentle, Challenging, Affirming Love Today.
On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Virus-Like Contaminating The World With God’s Love
Jesus’ Irresistible Grace, Surprising Service, Scotland Saved
As Father Sent Me I Am Sending You
Revealing God’s Spirit, Through Living Jesus’ Love.
Uniting The People Of God As One
To Open Arms In Love And Acceptance
Sitting With Grieving While Holding God’s Light.
Make New Wineskins For The New Wine
Pray, Share, Serve God And Be Kind
Inspire In Us Creative, Compassionate, Transforming Christianity
Comfort And Sustain In Days Of Darkness.
Enabling Caring For Others In Jesus’ Name
To Empower And Love Us, Inside Out.
Guiding, Comforting, Advocating For Jesus In Communities
Renewing God’s Earth In Justice And Peace
Gifting People To Share Responsibility For Creation
Sweeping Away Injustice And Death With Life
Help Everyone And All Creation To Thrive
Breaking Boundaries Of Division Uniting Us In Love
Awaken, Develop And Sustain Faith In Jesus
Seeking Justice And Peace For All People
Creatively Reveal Hope By Engaging Tomorrow, Today
Actions To Show That God Is Love
Revealing God’s Presence To All Everywhere Always
New Life! New Vision! New Power! Alleluia!
Love One Another As I Love You
In Quietness And Confidence Shall Be Your Strength