What can I do?

One of the questions I often get asked, usually with some note of helplessness, is what can I do? The person may feel inadequate, too old, too young, stressed because of other demands on their life but they want to do something to help the ministry of the church. When people ask me I often point to the ministry of Elisha. Now many people know his predecessor prophet Elijah but despite the fact that Elisha actually performed more miracles, for some reason he is less well known, less respected even; which is grossly unfair.
Elisha first enters the picture in 1 Kings 19 when Elijah anoints him as his prophet. for ten years he will live in Elijah’s shadow, following him around, being there for him. he will do little that is dramatic, but what he does is vital. He is Elijah’s companion. He offers advice, he encourages Elijah when he is down. He picks him up when he falls.
When was the last time you said a word of encouragement to your elder, your organist, the Sunday School teachers or bible study leaders? When was the last time you encouraged those taking part in the prayer group, the church tidy up crew or the finance committee? When was the last time you even encouraged your minister?
We live in a very critical society. Often people hear nothing at all unless they have messed something up and someone can be critical of them. Yet how much will a church ever flourish if the only time you hear about your work is when you mess up? And let’s face it, we all do that from time to time, even the minister! We need Elisha’s in every congregation across the land. We need people who are dedicated to a ministry of encouragement, who will not be afraid of telling others, you are doing a good job, keep it up. You can be young, you can be old, you can take just five minutes to do it, with a phone call, an email, a text, it does not take much time. It is truly a ministry for anyone and everyone so how about being an Elisha this year for your church?

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