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From the Manse

One of the highlights for me in the run up to Christmas is watching Bethlehemian Rhapsody. It is the birth narrative acted out by puppets as they sing an adaptation of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody telling the Christmas story. It is so clever and of course, in my mind, the music is not exactly shabby either.

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Preparation is everything. Many years ago I was part of a minister’s group that liked to do joint events. When it came time for one of the ministers to organise an event my colleagues and I kept pressing him for information about what we needed to do and what we needed to prepare. He kept

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St. Andrew

According to John’s Gospel, Andrew was a follower of John the Baptists to begin with. John’s mission in life was to prepare people for Jesus and to point them to him. Andrew was one of the first to really get the point. There were obviously some of John’s disciples who did not see this as

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Christ is King

One of the most powerful realities of the Christian faith is the Holy trinity. The fact that even before the creation of the world, God existed as three persons in a relationship of love. This shows that God is not a God of power, might or even detached indifference. God is first of all love,

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Manse Musings

Sometimes in the midst of a busy day a word will come to you, a word from God, a word of encouragement. On my blog I hope to keep you updated with such words at least on a weekly basis. A word to cheer you in your daily walk with God. Today, I simply want

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