Return to Church March 2021


We are delighted to welcome you back to Kinnoull Parish Church and Hall especially to join in worship. It is intended to resume public worship on March 28th 2021 but this may be postponed depending on government restrictions or if there are still teething problems associated with opening to be resolved.

The following points should be carefully noted.

1.   There are now additional notices, floor markings, bins and tables in place within the Church and Hall – all for infection prevention and control precautions.  This includes markings on the floor indicating 2m spacing; additional notices as to how to wash your hands etc and tables containing hand sanitisers. PLEASE THEREFORE TAKE CARE WHERE YOU ARE WALKING in case your attention is distracted by notices/tables.                                 

2.   You must adhere to the 2m spacing and follow directional signs at all times within all Church buildings. 

3.   If you wish to attend public worship, you have to telephone Douglas Wiseman or leave a message on his answering machine on 01738  621768 with 1) your name and number in your party; 2) your telephone number and 3) any access needs you may have by 5:00pmon every Saturday. When you arrive for Church on Sunday, an Elder will direct you to your seat. This may mean you will not be seated where you normally sit, but enables most efficient use of the limited seating capacity in the Church which must be 2m apart for each person/group but also importantly allows us to meet our obligations to provide a “track and trace” facility. Please note, no cash should be brought for the offering. Where appropriate a cheque, payable to Kinnoull Parish Church, should be placed inside the WFO envelope and put in the collection plate on entering the Church. Likewise, any kind donations should be by cheque and sealed in a plain envelope. 

4.   Obviously, if you are:  unwell or show symptoms of Covid 19 (high temperature/fever, cough or loss of smell/taste);  in the extremely vulnerable group who is isolating;   living with someone who is isolating or unwell, you should not attend Church.

This page on the Church of Scotland website enables you to work out your risk level. If your risk level is 6 or more, please very seriously consider whether you should be coming to Church at all. 

5.   Within the Church buildings (Sanctuary and Hall), you must at all times wear a face covering unless you are exempt for medical or other reasons, in which case you must cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when coughing or sneezing. You will then require to leave the Church taking any used tissues with you and wash your hands in the available toilet. Do not touch your face eyes nose or mouth if your hands are not clean. Hand washing must be done with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (liquid soap will be available)

6.   Access to the Church will be by the side ramp door, but sometimes may be via the Church Hall where you may have to queue up and will then be directed into the Church to your allocated seat. 

7.   Once you have been allocated your seat, you will be expected to remain there throughout the service/ meeting. You must at all times wear a face covering.  In the Church, you must not move along the pew towards another person sitting in the same pew as you. In the Hall, you must not move the seat from where it is towards another person. The nearest person to you will be 2m away so please maintain that distance. 

8.   You will be directed out of the Church/Hall. The general rule will be that those sitting in the row nearest to the exit must exit first and only when that row is empty may the next nearest row exit.  Please do not wait in the garden or pavement outside for others, no one can congregate socially after the service.

9.   The Church service may include hymns but you are not allowed to sing them. There may be responsive prayers. You may bring your own Hymn books and Bibles as they will not be available in the pews, but you must remove them with you at the end of the service. Words for hymns and prayers will be displayed on a screen in the Church. 

10.  The pew cushions have been removed. You may bring your own cushions with you, but you must remove them with you at the end of the service.  

11.   One toilet will be available in the Hall, and not more than one person may go into the toilet area at a time to ensure compliance with the 2m spacing at all times. Please note and follow the instructions in the toilet about cleaning the toilet after use by you. 

12.   If you have any questions or problems please phone your Elder or  Douglas Wiseman:  01738  621768

Despite all the above restrictions, we really look forward to welcoming you back to Church, wherever possible.                                                                    

Douglas Wiseman, Session Clerk