You have reached your destination

As you can guess from the lack of recent posts, I have been away. We were back in the USA visiting my son in college and Jane’s family in South Carolina. It was a great trip and we met up with some old friends and met new ones as well. The journey home however was a bit of a nightmare as our plane for the first leg broke down and so the airlines had to reroute us. That would have been OK except at every stage, and we had three flights, we were told that we were not booked on to the flight and it took the agent at the gate a while to sort things out although we had our boarding passes. it made it all quite stressful. However, we did get home eventually safe and sound which is, after all, what really matters.
It made me think about our journey through life and the different routes we all take. Some grow up in the church and have been in the church all their days. Others grow up in the church, drift away for a while before coming back. Others still have no church background but through friendships, sometimes because of events or because of having an enquiring mind they find their way to faith. They are all very different journeys with very different experiences yet they allow each of us to get to our final destination which is a relationship with God the father through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.
I think one of the big challenges for the church today is to be a church where every journey is encouraged and affirmed. Where people, no matter what their background, feel at home and cherished. For each journey brings its own rewards and blessings to fellow travellers. So if you are looking for people to support you on your journey, why not come along to Kinnoull Parish Church and join your fellow pilgrims. You never know, you might just decide that through Kinnoull you can reach your final destination.

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