What are we saying?

In the Herald this morning there is an article about an essay written by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow. In it he claims that we have become too wishy washy about standing up for the faith we believe in. He accuses the church of not standing up for itself against robust secularism and becoming ever more compromised and accommodating. For example we do not want to talk about sin but only about modelling good behaviour. I think he has a fair point. If we do not stand up for matters of faith then the church runs the risk of becoming a social work agency. If we do not stand up for faith then we become just another social club with a vaguely moral agenda. As the church waters down its message in order to accommodate culture so we lose our ability to speak on anything at all and so the decline of the church will continue. Soon we will have nothing unique to say at all.
My challenge to you today is to ask yourself, what do you really believe? Can you defend your faith and stand up for what you believe I. For if we don’t stand up for something we will fall for anything!

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