The Perfect Bond

No, this is not another debate about who should be the next James Bond. Neither, for my model railway friends, is it a blog about the best glue to use for various applications. This is about the best bond in life. What is the thing which holds life together better than anything else? According to Paul, in his letter to the Colossians there is only one perfect bond and that is love. It binds everything together in perfect unity( Col 3: 14).
Love is what holds a church together even through times of disagreement, love is what holds families together even when times are rough and love is what can hold a person together when everything around them seems to be falling apart. It is the love of family, friends, other church members and colleagues. Love, the sacrificial Christian love that is agape is what can hold all things together when external evidence suggests they should be blowing apart.
Being Valentine’s Day we will hear and read a great deal about love and for the most part it will be fairly superficial romantic love which bears little relation to the actual love shown by the real St. Valentine whose love for his Christian brothers and sisters led to his own torture and death. So while it is a good thing to celebrate the romantic aspect of St. Valentine’s Day and I would encourage you to do so, let us not forget the deeper love, the sacrificial love, that was the love of Valentine and that is more necessary than ever in order to bind our lives together at this time.

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