Death where is your sting?

This past month has been a very tough one in the Manse household. There have been a number of people who have died who have been a big part of the family for many years either as a relative or as a friend. Thus it has been a sad month, because we will miss them; their ready smiles, their sense of humour and their candid advice. However although we will miss them, as will many others, at least we can take comfort in knowing that their pain and discomfort, that had plagued their final days are now over. They are at peace, they are at rest. We also can take comfort in the fact that they were people of faith. They knew Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, they were committed to his kingdom and therefore are assured of their salvation. As Jesus himself promised “If you stand up for me against world opinion, I’ll stand up for you before my Father in heaven.” We may be sad but they are now enjoying the glory, death is not the end and even death cannot separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
For us, in the Manse, that is a great comfort and a strength. Do you know that strength and comfort for yourself? Have you decided to follow Jesus and live a life of faith, hope and love? I pray that you have, not just for your own sake, but for the comfort of those who you will someday leave behind, that the sting may be taken out of their sorrow, their grief. Think about it.

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