An amazing creation

I hope that you have not missed the minister’s blog too much over the last couple of weeks while I have been on holiday. I am back now having had an amazing time which gave me cause to reflect once more on the amazing world we live in. For the first part of my time away I was at the beach. It was not a Scottish beach and so as well as the usual seagulls, of which there were a few, soaring overhead and then diving into the water were pelicans. Now I love pelicans. They are so graceful in the air and watching them dive for fish is just amazing. I sat for hours just watching them. Then later on at my mother in law’s house I had been outside and just as I got to the back door I was joined by another bird. For by her back door my mother in law has a hummingbird feeder. I stood stock still and it flew within two feet of me and started to feed, hovering while its long bill sucked nectar from the feeder. You very quickly realised how they got their name with the loud humming sound from its rapidly beating wings. Again I could spend hours at my mother in law’s house just watching the various hummingbird feeders and watching their aerial displays.
Then from the beauty of nature we experienced also the fierceness of nature as we sat in the airport terminal waiting to fly home while the whole place was shut down by a ferocious thunderstorm associated with Tropical Storm Emily. It was dark as night, the lightning flashing all around with the deep rumble of thunder and the heavy rain which would take two turns at hitting you, once on the way down and a second time as it bounced up off the tarmac. It was terrifying, yet somehow awesome.
Unusual birds, uniquely adapted to their lifestyle, incredible storms terrifying yet awesome. It just makes you reflect on the amazing world and its creator. Why don’t you take a moment to reflect on all that God has made, pause and give thanks.

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