Alternative Truth

What is truth? that was the question that Pontius Pilate is reported to have asked Jesus two thousand years ago when Jesus had been arrested and the religious leaders in Jerusalem wanted him put to death. What is truth? I would imagine that if Pilate was alive today he would be tearing his hair out given the whole truth/alternative truth debate that is currently raging. With the internet and the ability to research it should be easier than ever to find out the truth about events, what people said and what people did. However it is also easier than ever to promote agendas, spread disinformation and even downright lies and often it is very hard to find what is the truth behind the headlines.
While for some this has been a shocking development in society, for others this is nothing new. It was as far back as 1993 that the book entitled No place for truth was published. David Wells went on to publish two more books in the 90’s along the same vein with Losing our virtue and God in the wasteland.
In the church there is no alternative truth because we follow and serve the one who is the Truth. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life.” He didn’t say he was a way, or point to the truth, he said he was the way and the truth. If the church sounds an uncertain note on this then it will surely die. We have to be clear. We have to be resolute. Yes, we have even to be a bit weird. But then as Craig Groeschal’s book states, we have to be weird, because normal isn’t working!

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